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Keeping Teeth Straight

It is now an accepted orthodontic regimen to maintain some sort of retainer wear as long as you want to keep your teeth straight.

What you really must do is wear retainers several months as much as possible until the bone stabilizes around them - much like a cast on a broken arm. They must be firmly seated into place (upward pressure on the upper retainer, lower pressure on the lower one). As soon as feasible we will go to nights only and continue this for about a year. From there it will depend on how well you’ve worn them and how well you’ve pushed them into proper position.

There are individual variations. Some people can eventually stop retainer wear and maintain the alignment. Upper teeth are more stable than lowers but all can move without retention.

We offer two different types of retainers. One is acrylic with a wire. This is considered a traditional type. The other option is a clear plastic retainer that forms to your teeth. This type is nearly invisible and most often preferred by patients and doctors.

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